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Hotel Grand Hridey - Amritsar

Hotel Grand Hridey - Amritsar


Executive Rooms at Hotel Grand Hridey are one of the most value for money rooms compared to other available rooms in Amritsar. With an average room-area of 325 square feet, we undoubtedly provide the most spacious rooms so that you feel like you are still in the comfort of your house providing ample space to place an extra-bed whereby it can easily accommodate three people. These rooms are equipped with king-sized bed that are so comfortable that you might not feel like getting up. You can enjoy the views of Amritsar’s skyline and city from these rooms which is amazing. Glass Windows amplify this view even further. Below are the other amenities which you can enjoy during your stay

Room Facilities

Hotel Grand Hridey - 1434, Gol Bagh (Behind Railway Station) Amritsar, Punjab -143001

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