Maulik Hospitality Group

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Maulik Mansion Resort - Jim Corbett


An exceptionally well-maintained and ingeniously crafted restaurant is the pride of our hotel. No one can compete our chefs who are inspired by Goddess Edesia herself. This, combined with five-star butlers, will give the feeling of royalty at our place. Those who need a breakfast in bed or would like to opt for late breakfast are also taken care of by our staff with tenderness. We have a live barbeque for the more audacious non-vegetarians almost every evening.

We take special care to add variety to our menu according to changing seasons. Fresh fruits from the markets are available on demand. Cleanliness and hygiene is our first priority. We use the best ingredients and veggies and at no cost do we risk the health of our guests.

Maulik Mansion Resort - Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Dhikuli, Uttarakhand 244715

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