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Partner with Maulik Hotels & Resorts, a dynamic and expanding hotel chain in India, to unlock new opportunities for growth and success. We believe in the power of collaboration and are eager to explore mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded hotels and properties. By joining forces with us, you’ll gain access to our expertise, resources, and a wider audience, while contributing to our collective commitment to elevating the hospitality industry in India. Let’s create a winning partnership that adds value to both our brands and offers exceptional experiences to our guests. Reach out to us today to embark on a journey of partnership with Maulik Hotels & Resorts.

Meet Our TEAM

Meet the Visionaries: The Maulik Hospitality management team, a dedicated group of industry experts committed to shaping the future of hospitality in India. Get to know the passionate minds behind our brand’s success.

Mr. Sunny Marwah

Managing Director

Mr. Sagar Pandey

VP-Operations & Sales

Mr. Yoginder Yadav

Director of Sales & Marketing

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